This close relationship to Indian agricultural development has given us extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing farm equipment in response to local conditions. Through this network of services, we aim to empower the rural farmer and transform rural productivity, income, and living standards. We want to improve farm lifestyles by making hard work easier, increasing yields, and increasing returns.

n 1947, as India gained independence from British colonial empire, the level of agriculture mechanisation was low. The socialist oriented five-year plans of the 1950s and '60s aggressively promoted rural mechanisation via joint ventures and tie-ups between local industrialists and international tractor manufacturers. Despite these efforts, the first three decades after independence local production of 4-wheel tractors grew slowly. By the late 1980s tractor production was nearly 140,000 units per year, and a prevalence rate of less than 2 per 1,000 farmers.

Our federated structure enables each business to chart its own future and simultaneously leverage synergies across the entire Group's competencies. In this way, the diversity of our expertise allows us to bring our customers the best in many fields.